Sinem – Medium Writing Academy

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Sinem – Medium Writing Academy
Original Price: $497
You Just Pay: $49.95(One Time 88% OFF)
Author: Sinem
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Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
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Sinem – Medium Writing Academy
Original Price: $497
You Just Pay: $49.95(One Time 88% OFF)
Author: Sinem
Sale Page:_
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87

Course Curriculum
✨ Welcome ✨
🥳 Welcome to the Medium Writing Academy (4:05)
(Very) Quick Welcome Survey
➕ [Bonus Module] The Fundamentals
A quick note before we get started… (2:32)
The Evolution of Medium (3:52)
Benefits and opportunities of writing on Medium (3:26)
The Medium Paywall (Partner Program) (4:43)
[NEW] MPP 2021 Updates (new requirements to join the Medium Partner Program) (7:56)
[NEW] A new way to make money on Medium (9:32)
[NEW] The Medium homepage (7:53)
[NEW] Stories (5:38)
[NEW] An introduction to profile pages (7:08)
[NEW] A basic understanding of publications (8:50)
👤 [Module 1] Your Unique Writing Personality
Welcome! (8:17)
🖊️ Let’s make a promise… (6:38)
⌛ 168: You decide (11:13)
❌ The #1 habit that’s holding you back from achieving your goals (7:50)
The anatomy of a great writer (8:55)
Stop chasing the wrong goals (15:11)
Choose your heroes wisely (24:57)
How to “find your voice” (14:49)
Evergreen vs. News (8:01)
Let’s create a profile that’ll stand out (12:33)
How much do you need to share about yourself? (6:41)
Your writing should be about one single thing (4:42)
The sweet spot between passion & profit (4:30)
☑️ Final steps… (2:32)
[Bonus] How to Stand Out From Thousands of Writers (39:15)
[Bonus] The harsh truth about your niche (5:10)
[Bonus] Why a writing career isn’t linear (9:19)
[Bonus Workshop] How to find your niche (67:36)
🗺️ [Module 2] Understanding the Playground
Before we get started… (4:15)
Let’s understand why writers and readers join Medium (12:32)
Let’s understand how the money actually flows (7:05)
2 Painful truths for new online writers (7:10)
The #1 reason people like any article (4:51)
The anatomy of a successful Medium article (23:00)
(Very) common mistakes that will forever hold you back from reaching your goals on Medium (16:56)
Long vs. short articles – what’s the way to go?! (6:35)
A step-by-step guide to writing, formatting & publishing a story (25:38)
Format your stories like a minimalist (8:44)
3 Quick tips most writers don’t know about (7:48)
A deep dive into publications (39:14)
Must-haves and no-gos when working with publications (11:26)
How to find the “best” publication for your article (11:20)
Should you create your own publication? (6:35)
[Bonus] Why so many popular publications left Medium in 2021 (9:22)
[Bonus: Live Workshop with Amardeep Parmar] How to get published in your favorite publications (80:26)
What’s the deal with “consistency”?! (7:10)
The 3 factors that make people “click” (8:41)
A few things you really shouldn’t worry about during your journey on Medium (9:14)
Debunking the curation mystery (15:26)
The real problem with clickbait (9:17)
[NEW] How to use Tags to your advantage (9:12)
☑️ Final steps…
[Bonus] Understanding Medium stats (20:20)
📝 [Module 3] Mastering the Craft
The deal with this module… (11:04)
On the internet, you’re writing for scanners – here’s how to use this as your superpower (19:52)
The anatomy of great online writing (30:07)
The beauty of simplicity (6:28)
The power of storytelling (8:07)
2 Simple ways to write engaging introductions (11:05)
Understanding the PREP formula (7:00)
A quick tip on making your stories more engaging (6:48)
Headlines 1-0-1 (22:06)
The most common (and successful) types of headlines (6:11)
The most common headline mistakes to avoid (8:14)
The art of choosing title images (11:35)
An editing process that’ll take your pain away (12:25)
Additional resources
☑️ Final steps…
[Bonus]The PAS Formula for persuasive writing (4:17)
[Bonus: MWA Live Workshop] How to write truly engaging stories with Zulie Rane (69:31)
[Bonus: MWA Live Workshop] How to write headlines your readers AND Medium’s curators will love with Zulie Rane (65:06)
[Bonus: MWA Live Workshop] How to write great headlines with Amardeep Parmar (60:42)
[Bonus: MWA Live Workshop] How to write engaging introductions with Amardeep Parmar (69:41)
Mid-course check in
Mid Course Check-in
💭 [Module 4] Turn your mind into an idea generation machine
Welcome to Module 4 (10:47)
Idea generation is a mindset (17:34)
Writing prompts: Curse or blessing?! (10:52)
7.5 Resources for infinite idea generation (31:01)
How to put yourself in a creative flow (11:47)
Should you write about writing on Medium? (12:57)
☑️ Final steps…
[Bonus] How to generate & store ideas (7:21)
[Bonus: MWA Live Workshop] How to come up with compelling article ideas with Zulie Rane (65:09)
⚙️ [Module 5] Feed the beast
Welcome to Module 5 (24:46)
When to publish your stories (3:43)
Understanding and optimizing RX (13:38)
Understanding how people will find your stories (14:04)
How to deal with toxic comments (9:01)
Managing comments, notes & messages (5:29)
The deal with virality + consistency (9:13)
Let’s increase your writing productivity without sacrificing the quality (32:13)
How to overcome writer’s block (10:03)
How to manage your published articles (7:28)
How to manage your ideas using Trello (18:29)
A step-by-step breakdown of my writing process (23:00)
☑️ Final steps…
📈 [Module 6] Scale
Welcome to Module 6! (6:40)
There are 4 ways to monetize your skills & ideas *outside* of Medium (28:20)
Own your “digital real estate” (13:01)
Why & when to start your email list (18:48)
The 2 simplest ways to start your own email list (17:54)
What shall I send to my newsletter?! (11:58)
Understanding online sales funnels (32:32)
How shall I promote my work? (11:53)
The most surprising lesson I learned in 2020 (16:06)
☑️ Final steps…
✅ Final Words
How to keep going and why your next weeks are crucial for your success on Medium (12:13)
Final Check-in
[Bonus] Top Story Insights
The Most Successful Medium Stories (9:42)
How much copying is okay? (5:53)
🔑 MWA Cheatsheets
Formatting Cheatsheet
Publications Cheatsheet
Headlines Cheatsheet
Top Writers Cheatsheet
Profile Page Cheatsheet
Writer’s Block Cheatsheet
➕ Bonus: Medium Updates [2021/22]
Medium 2021/22 Updates (9:55)
Live Training: 3 Things You Should Know About the Recent Medium Updates (57:34)
➕ Bonus Module: Q&A sessions and FAQ’s
MWA Group Coaching Session, December 16th, 2021 (47:34)
MWA Group Coaching Session, December 2nd, 2021 (55:29)
MWA Group Coaching Session, November 23rd, 2021 (41:52)
MWA Live Q&A Session, September 2021 (1) (60:34)
MWA Live Coaching Call May 2021 (43:06)
MWA Live Coaching Call May 2021 (2) (51:35)
MWA Live Coaching Call May 2021 (3) (55:18)
MWA Live Q&A Session: Intros & Headlines (incl. Live Feedback) (90:05)
MWA Live Q&A Session: Common Mistakes of Failed Articles (105:56)
#1 MWA Live Q&A Session (79:59)
#2 MWA Live Q&A Session (57:10)
#3 MWA Live Q&A Session (56:35)
#4 MWA Live Q&A Session (86:26)
Bonus Module: Interviews with Top Writers & Editors
Interview with Ayodeji Awosika, Top Medium Writer (62:32)
Interview with Brittany Jezouit, Editor of Better Marketing (58:30)
Interview with Sean Kernan: How to build a thriving online writing career without focusing on a niche (64:21)
Interview with Amardeep Parmar, Top Writer and Editor of Entrepreneurs Handbook (71:45)
Interview with Arlie Peyton about Brand Journalism (50:12)
Interview with Freelance Writing Coach Colleen Welsch (33:30)
Headline Analysis with Danny Forest and Todd Brison (87:51)
➕ Bonus: Personal Branding Blueprint
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Hi, I’m Sinem
…an entrepreneur, author and coach and I am here to support you on your way to building a thriving writing business through Medium.
I’m a 15x Top Writer and every day, thousands of people are reading my posts about personal growth, business and social media.
No matter if you want to make a full time income from your writing, become a Top Writer and industry expert or grow an audience of raving fans, all of that is possible through Medium and I’m here to support you in building your own writing empire.


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